Beobaxter (beobaxter) wrote,

Кстати, кто-нибудь спик инглиш пофигтли (perfectly :)?

  Ребятишки постарались. На моем уровне владения - вроде все так, но в то же время ощущается некая неправильность.

  - So, what's the problem? - the Fox asked, sitting not too close to the Wolf.
  - Look, he doesn’t give me my breakfast! – the Wolf showed fork on the Hedgehog. The latter has moved further away from an empty plate and curled into a ball more reliable.
  - What do you mean – doesn’t give?
  - He opposes, saying that "no" and all - confirmed the Bear. - Like, let it be all go hungry, and he doesn’t care!
  - You clearly explained everything to him?
  - A hundred times - confirmed the Wolf. - I just eat him for breakfast - well, what is there to understand? And he curls and hissing that it supposedly will not.
  - He traded - the Fox sighed. - Well, offer him something in return. This worm, for example. Breakfast for breakfast, absolutely normal exchange.
  - Yes, I suggested! Doesn’t take, the bastard. I offered him a dinner of three dishes, but he still... - the Wolf poked with a fork in Hedgehog. The Hedgehog has hissed and spread out his sharp spines.
  - Hedgehog, what kind of behavior? - sighed the Fox. - Remember the last that you aren’t alone in the wood. You can’t live in society and be free from it. All Rabbits understand it, and you act completely inappropriate.
  The Hedgehog snorted.
  - Hedgehog, you in the negotiations! - joined the Bear and put his arm around Wolf and Fox. Something crunched. - We certainly need to come to consensus!
  - I don’t need - grunted the Hedgehog. - You can finish these negotiations.
  - But you have come here!
  - I didn't come. This is my burrow. It's you come here.
  The Fox looked at the sides: - Something I don't see your burrow.
  - The wolf has sat down on it and sits. I can’t get back home.
  - There you are! - the Fox smiled broadly. - As the Wolf is sitting on it, then it's his burrow, and not yours. Enough of these silly things. How much do you need in return: two dishes? Three? Five?
  - None. I don’t want to be eaten.
  - But why? It's absolutely normal order of things, a common practice.
  - I will die and disappear because of it, - explained the Hedgehog.
  - What does it mean - to disappear? - the Fox exclaimed indignantly. - Do you even remember about the law of conservation? Anywhere you don’t disappear, just turn into something else.
  - Into shit.
  - And what exactly you don't like? Rabbits will be the shit and squirrels will be the shit. This is the natural course of things. Why would you consider yourself as something else?
  - I'm not going to become a shit. I am Hedgehog.
  His three interlocutors took a breath.
  - He's dumb, - darkly spoke Bear .- How, how to explain to him that he understand?
  - I understand. I just don't agree.
  - You're absolutely not constructive!
  The Hedgehog silently spread out his spines.
  - But this is aggression and provocation, - said the Fox. - Hedgehog, if you will not let you eat now, it could end badly for you.
  The Hedgehog for some reason did not answer. The rest looked at each other.
  - Because some idiot Wolf is still not eating his breakfast. Incidentally, I also - dryly remarked the Fox. - We should have put an end to this farce. Wolf, you show him!
  The Wolf significantly got up, opened his jaws so wide that there you could to put the Bear, and, throwing a fork, quickly stuffed the Hedgehog to throat.
  - On what this idiot counted? - rhetorically asked the Fox.
  - ... Wolf, what's wrong? - the Bear began to worry. - Are you okay?
  - He... He... – the Wolf illegibly answered, holding his stomach. - He is pricked.
  - To prick in someone else's stomach - that's quite impudence, - said the Fox. - Does he not realize that he on private property? Within the private area, you might say.
  - Here's how to make him understood? - thoughtfully nodded the Bear.
  - It hurts! - the Wolf howled on them. - He is pricked spines!
  - But he was dead already, probably, - soothed his the Fox. - He can't long prick there. Wait a minute, and he becomes a normal shit, like them all.
  The Wolf howled in such tone that the Fox pulled away, just in case.
  - We will go, perhaps. The situation is, in principle, solved, and I need to pick out someone for breakfast.
  Walking away, the Fox and the Bear heard the faint plaintive howl of the Wolf.

  -... Still, we must teach Hedgehogs civilized negotiation. They always make some kind of senseless for no reason - said the Fox at the next meeting with the Bear. - By the way, you haven't seen the Wolf? Something he isn't visible a week. Suddenly with him that something had happened and we don't know.



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