Beobaxter (beobaxter) wrote,

Let's Learn Linux Together.

Почитать с детишками, убив двух зайцев сразу: тут и английский, и ПРАВИЛЬНАЯ(!) информатика! :)))
  A is for awk, which runs like a snail, and
  B is for biff, which reads all your mail.
  C is for cc, as hackers recall, while
  D is for dd, the command that does all.
  E is for emacs, which rebinds your keys, and
  F is for fsck, which rebuilds your trees.
  G is for grep, a clever detective, while
  H is for halt, which may seem defective.
  I is for indent, which rarely amuses, and
  J is for join, which nobody uses.
  K is for kill, which makes you the boss, while
  L is for lex, which is missing from DOS.
  M is for more, from which less was begot, and
  N is for nice, which it really is not.
  O is for od, which prints out things nice, while
  P is for passwd, which reads in strings twice.
  Q is for quota, a Berkeley-type fable, and
  R is for ranlib, for sorting ar table.
  S is for spell, which attempts to belittle, while
  T is for true, which does very little.
  U is for uniq, which is used after sort, and
  V is for vi, which is hard to abort.
  W is for whoami, which tells you your name, while
  X is, well, X, of dubious fame.
  Y is for yes, which makes an impression, and
  Z is for zcat, which handles compression.

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