Beobaxter (beobaxter) wrote,

Диалектайзер! :D

  People are strange when you're a stranger,
  Faces look ugly when you're alone,
  Women seem wicked when you're unwanted,
  Streets are uneven when you're down.

  d3wdz 4re STRaNge w|-|en uR a strAnger, FAc3S loko ug7y whe|\| ur a;on, hot ChiX)rz seEm wiX0red wHen yoUre un\\\\////antEd, tsreEtz r unev3n whEn yuor doWn!!!!!

  Varmints is peekoolyar when yer a peekoolyarr, Faces look homely when yer alone, Wimmen seem wicked when yer unwanted, Streets is uneven when yer down, as enny fool kin plainly see.

  Sucka's is funky when youse some stranger, Faces look ugly when youse alone, Honky chicks seem wicked when youse unwants'ed, Streets is uneven when youse waaay down.

  Blokes are strange wen yor a stranger, Faces 'ave a look ugly wen yor alone, Ruddy ladies seem wicked wen yor unwanted, Streets are uneven wen yor dahn.

Elmer Fudd:
  Peopwe awe stwange when you'we a stwangew, Faces wook ugwy when you'we awone, Women seem wicked when you'we unwanted, Stweets awe uneven when you'we down, uh-hah-hah-hah.

Swedish Chef:
  Peuple-a ere-a strunge-a vhee yuoo're-a a strunger, Feces luuk ugly vhee yuoo're-a elune-a, Vumee seem veecked vhee yuoo're-a unvunted, Streets ere-a unefee vhee yuoo're-a doon. Bork bork bork!

  Peoble are strange when you're a strangeh, Faces look ug when you're alone, uh uh uh, Women seem wickid when you're unwanted, uh uh uh uh, Streets are uneben when you're down.

Pig Latin:
  Eoplepay areyay angestray enwhay you'reay ayay angerstray, Acesfay ooklay uglyyay enwhay you'reay aloneyay, Omenway eemsay ickedway enwhay you'reay unwantedyay, Eetsstray areyay unevenyay enwhay you'reay ownday.

  The Dialectizer! Понимает, увы, только латиницу...

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